Dr Funke Baffour


Dr Funke Baffour Bsc (Hons) D.ClinPsy, AFBPsS, Dip (Nutrition) is a Clinical Psychologist and Nutritional Advisor.  Through a combined integration of her knowledge in psychology and nutrition she created her company DF Take Control.

Dr Funke also holds the position as one of the Board of Directors for BUBIC, a substance misuse service for people in the community. Dr Funke graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Middlesex University. Soon after graduating she was employed as a visiting Lecturer at Metropolitan University, (formerly known as the University of North London), and began reading for her PhD. Her keen research interests, at the time, were eating disorders and substance misuse. However, after some time Dr Funke felt that her career needed to take a different path; as her research PhD did not give her the type of clinical contact that she desired.

Dr Funke’s change of heart led to a career in Clinical Psychology. This enabled her to work with clients therapeutically; as well as keeping her research interests alive. She graduated from the University of East London with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Dr Funke is a member of the HPC  (Health Professional Council). She is also an Associate Fellow at the British Psychological Society and a registered practitioner psychologist with the Health Professional Council.  Dr Funke has her private practice in London where she runs her Dr Funke – Take Control programmes.

Dr Funke recently created an organic food supplement ‘Lighter Green’, which has been acclaimed as the must have product for overall total well-being

TV Appearances

Dr Funke is one the UK’s leading media psychologists.  Because of her unique style she has been sought after by numerous TV companies.

Dr Funke’s appearances span all five terrestrial channels in shows such as BBC‘s The One Show, ITV’s Day Break and This Morning, C4’s and C’5’s Big Brother, as well as Channel 5’s Gadget Show. In additional to her TV appearances she has featured on numerous Radio shows such as BBC Radio 2 and 4.

Dr Funke has also been a regular contributor to CNN International and a range of magazines and newspapers giving expert advice on current affairs.  As well as given her expert views on topical issues she is very passionate about bringing issues concerning mental health to the forefront.  For media enquiries please email contact@drfunke.co.uk, or call 01992 651 976.

For videos of projects please visit the Videos Page.


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