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Lighter Green – An organic supplement for your total wellbeing


Lighter Green is a completely natural food supplement that has health and wellbeing benefits packed into its super green ingredients.

Lighter Green contains no chemicals only the highest quality of natural ingredients. These sources of goodness are produced from raw vegetables, grasses and grains.

When taken twice daily with a healthy diet the nutrious ingredients in Lighter Green can:

Provide a natural sense of fullness & reduce cravings

Improve texture, tone & appearance of skin, hair & nails

Increase energy levels

Aid sleep & improve digestion

Increase sense of wellbeing

 If you would like an information leaflet on Lighter Green sent to you please email contact@drfunke.co.uk

Here is some feedback from those already taking Lighter Green

Martin’s Experience on Lighter Green

I am truly astounded by the positive impact  LighterGreen has had on my overall sense of well-being since incorporating it into my diet, twice daily, over the past two months.

Having never before followed any particular diets or taken any food supplements, I was initially attracted to try out this product for its possible nutritional benefits, rather than looking to lose weight. Yet, the single most impressive effect has been a gradually increasing sensitivity to salt and sugar levels in foods and drinks. Having had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember, I have been nothing short of surprised by seeing my usual cravings for sweet things replaced by a desire for healthy foods. Furthermore, while I previously had to somewhat force myself to drink water, I have now almost completely banished fizzy drinks and artificially sweetened fruit juices from my daily diet.

I have also experienced a natural instinct for not overeating during regular mealtimes – It is almost as if a previously silent voice has been awakened, which allows me be a lot more in-tune with my body’s nutritional needs.

Having never been driven to follow certain weight ideals, I can only say that I suddenly fit comfortably into clothes again, which have not fit me for over two years. Increased energy levels and significantly improved skin are two further reasons why I feel very confident in recommending this product to anyone who is looking to kick-start an improved relationship with food through an internal dialogue that allows the body to tell it to you ‘straight’.”  Martin W –  Age 33

Here are the experiences of Angi another Lighter Green advocate

I started on Lighter Green at the beginning of June and although I was a bit skeptical at first, I gave it a try and was amazed.

I have always suffered form bouts of anxiety. After about an hour of taking Lighter Green I found myself feeling at peace and content  and the anxiety seemed to be gone! It has also given me extra energy, as I Zumba at last 2/3 a week, Lighter Green has enabled me to go the distance.

I would recommend this product to anyone.

Thank you Dr Funke, I feel revitalized with a new lease of life!”


For a limited time only you can apply for your discounted Lighter Green starter pack containing a month’s supply, Dr Funke Take Control water bottle and a range of materials to encourage you to Take Control of your Wellbeing.

For more details about Lighter Green and this Special Discounted Offer simply email contact@drfunke.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions you may have!


Author: Dr Funke

Dr Funke is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Ace Psychology Ltd. Dr Funke is one the UK’s leading media clinical psychologists. Because of her unique style she has been sought after by numerous TV companies. Dr Funke’s appearances span all five terrestrial channels in shows such as BBC‘s The One Show, ITV’s GMTV and This Morning, C4’s Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, as well as Channel 5’s Gadget Show. Dr Funke has also been a regular contributor to CNN International and a range of magazines and newspapers giving expert advice on current affairs. As well as given her expert views on topical issues she is very passionate about bringing issues concerning mental health to the forefront.

3 thoughts on “Lighter Green – An organic supplement for your total wellbeing

  1. I was sceptical about trying this product at first. It did take a few days to kick in, as I had headaches and felt tired. I have been taking Lighter Green for two months and I really can see the difference in how much I eat. I don’t snack on chocolate and crisps like I use. Although I still eat my normal food, but I now know when to stop. I would definitely recommend this product if you are a snacker.

  2. This product really surprised me, energetic, filling and put back that spring in my feet.

  3. I am currently recovering from an invasive operation, which left me feeling very tired due to a low blood count. In week 3 of my recovery I started using lighter green and immediately started to feel the difference. I was able to stay up late, was more alert, felt strong and was not yearning for junk. It cut my appetite in half and cut out my need for suger fixes to boost energy and moral. Which is great given that I cannot exercise until next year. I mix it with fruit juice which makes it even more enjoyable. Thank- you Dr. Funke for aiding a speedy recovery the healthy way.

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